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CINDERS - Or “How a game succeeded at demolishing the Cinderella complex”

We all know the fairy tale…. A long suffering, sickeningly sweet young woman keeps accepting abuse with a smile and gets “rewarded” by being “saved” by a handsome, nameless (!) prince in the end.

Well, no more!

A visual novel called Cinders dusts off the cobwebs and allows you, the player, to determine Cinders’ fate. Will she follow the fairy tale, rebel and make her own fate, marry the prince for love and/or ambition or would she rather marry somebody else entirely? Or….*gasp*….stay single? Over 120 choices, 300 options, hundreds of variants and several endings await. From shiny fairy tale to the darkest possible solution, it’s all available.

The demo as well as the game can be found here: http://moacube.com/games/cinders/

Please support this jewel of a game by reblogging this if you like what you see and please give it a shot. This is a TINY dev roup, deserving all the support they can get.