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hey guYS



FfffffFFFUUUUUUUUU ~ is this genuine!?  Because if it isn’t I have just soiled myself for no good reason.

Okay, but what about wardens and Hawkes created with mods? All I can think of is when you download a Sim that you don’t have the custom content for, so when you put them in your game they look like bald blank slates. I would much rather recreate my characters in the Frostbite engine so I have control over how they look. Otherwise this is pretty shitty news.


Severus Snape and Harry Potter (Alan Rickman) by DeolaS

And that is the magic of this Goddam story

This lingering ache in my heart.

Revisiting old fandom haunts, websites that haven’t seen activity in years.

Holding stories I remember reading when gaming wasn’t my life, professionally as well as personally.

All of a sudden I am in my early twenties again. The trauma of my losing my Mom still fresh.

Crying over a pair of black eyes catching hold of the green, transfixed by conflicting emotions.

Memories. Of hours losing myself in that magical world.

To see so many places that once bustled with activity having been abandoned, cold memorials to a fandom long past its prime……

I want to bottle and stopper those memories.

Alistair: Casey ugh don't sleep w/loghain he's old enough to be my dad
Loghain: *muttering* old enough to have fucked your dad
Alistair: what
Loghain: nothing
me: Oh what the fuck
friend: what happened?
me: this scenario I created in my head got intense

Severus Snape Appreciation Week → Day Seven: Free Choice (Severus + Wand-Waving)


“Cole will always wear *that hat*. No matter what head gear you give him.”

Severus Snape - So Cold by gracefulangel47

A tribute to the man who died for more than his long dead love or the misunderstanding over the Elder Wand.

Loyalty. Redemption. Self Loathing. Protectiveness. Guilt.

I have to say something here and I will say it.

For all his well documented flaws…….

He literally used his last futile attempts to draw breath to give Harry the information he needed to end the war, both in the book and in the movie. Condemn him for what he said and did before he was even twenty, that’s your call.

But I will cling to almost another twenty years of him being in servitude to two ruthless, abusive and manipulative masters (But loyal to the Light) and rising above his own agony to become the bravest man I have ever known according to none other than Harry Potter himself.

And that’s no slight to Remus, Sirius, Dumbledore (Most abusive and manipulative more like, also most brilliant ofc), Mr. Weasely…….

It is making peace with wounds that have been bleeding for longer than he has been alive. It is healing. It is love. And I will never begrudge that.




So a lot of people have been asking about whether or not you need an Origin account to use the Keep and my answer is sort of. I’m more of a visual learner, so I decided to show people what I mean by setting up a Bioware account and syncing your games (the only thing is I do not…

I’d also like to add, if you’re using the PC version, to deactivate the developer console (if it’s active)

Otherwise the profiles will not sync.


also some modded characters will not show up, while others will.

Modded as in Appearance Mods? Or using Dialogue Fixes & even bigger stuff like Ser Gilmore etc?

germ666 sent:

would donations of money be helpful to you / something that you're comfortable accepting?



this would be immensely helpful honestly, there’s a donate button on my blog, but only do this if you feel comfortable doing so and it won’t take anything you need. we’ve been basically out of food for a week now (right now we’ve got some dry pasta and some peanut butter layng around and not much else, no veggies no meat) but we’re managing to scrape by

heres a fast link to quinns donate button, please help her out if you can she is a trans teen living in her 27 year old abuser’s old apartment