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anelectrichedgehog sent:

Okay, this sort of topic has been discussed a thousand times over, but I honestly feel really curious. The salvery in the Alienage, right? How did Rhiannon feel about Loghain after seeing the atrocities commited there? I know she loves him dearly, but, was she bugged at all about any of that? That Loghain allowed it to happen and even defended it? How did she react to it, regarding Loghain? Did it change her opinion of him at all?

Okay, look, I gotta ask:

1) Why this obsession with Rhiannon’s universe and her feelings on this matter?

2) I have spoken about this before and made it clear what I feel about it.

Anyhow, I’ll try to keep it short:

"The salvery in the Alienage, right? How did Rhiannon feel about Loghain after seeing the atrocities commited there?"

Let me make it clear that in the Rhia ‘verse, things in the Alienage happen VERY differently. Why? Because the whole slavery plotline was a half baked plot twist to emotionally manipulate the player in a storyline that until then (Unless you were playing as a Tabris) didn’t give a single fuck about elven oppression. And they went right back to that because it’s never brought up again, never resolved, nobody thinks it’s an issue. You can bring Loghain himself into the Alienage and Shianni won’t say a peep. The Alienage is still destroyed and in tatters by the time Witch Hunt rolls around, no matter who rules. See the pattern there?


  • Even using the most villainous kind of pragmatism, this shit makes no fucking sense. The upkeep of an army fighting two wars and all costs thousands of sovereigns. Selling a few dozens sickly, untrained, starving elves won’t yield even a fragment of what’s needed to fund a war. It’s complete and utter bullshit tossed in for shock value.
  • Loghain Mac Tir, known for being isolationist and despising foreign aid, working with blood mages from fucking Tevinter? Whoever thought that that made sense?
  • I have to wonder why Howe’s purge of the Alienage and its consequences couldn’t have been….sufficient? Why couldn’t we have come in in the middle of the elven riot and Howe’s purge? Choosing sides whether to support the elves or the guards? With Shianni as the main quest giver? Elven suffering is shown throughout the game but ONLY addressed when it comes to Loghain and Alistair. Both of which being white shemlen who shouldn’t be at the center of this at all.

How did Rhia feel upon seeing the squalor, the sickness, the horrible conditions the elves suffered in the Alienage? Horrified, guilty, heartbroken and angry. Loghain didn’t matter there, she was too busy helping these people repel Howe’s forces during the Purge. (That’s what happened in the Rhia ‘Verse btw)

"That Loghain allowed it to happen and even defended it?"

Had it happened the way it does in game rather than in my Canon, she would, for one, not have brought it up after dousing him in verbal vitriol. (Only way to bring it up in game) That’s not how she talks to people, especially not those in her care. Given what his “defense” of it is:

  • He actually believed he was saving these people from certain death. It wasn’t mustache twirling evil but someone whose grip on the reins has loosened so much that even the slight chance of making it out alive as a slave rather than being butchered by darkspawn is preferable. Is it wrong? Of course it is. And he knows this too. Even as he speaks of it at the Landsmeet, there are cracks in his voice, regret and sorrow clinging to his words like shadows.
  • The Alienage being indefensible? Well, yes, unless the Warden goes there, it’s wiped out. But the layout of the place easily makes it one of the most defensible areas of the city. That is what the writers thought he, the most brilliant strategist of the Age, would say? WTF were they on when they wrote this?

The entire way Loghain is written is a clusterfuck.

The “good guys” keep harping about Ostagar and even Morrigan thinks it’s particularly clever to use it to sass him. (It’s not)

In game, he is accused of starting a war we HAVE SEEN INSTIGATED BY OTHERS on our own screens.

The Celene visiting Denerim plotline was cut. The sedation of Eamon, which was part of this according to the devs, was left in and reworked in the flimsiest of ways (It literally makes NO sense why he would do it that way, nvm the fucked up timelines) to……..make Loghain look extra evil and deranged? The information that details the history of Eamon being a traitorous snake planning a coup is conveniently put into a DLC most play BEFORE the Landsmeet and without Loghain present.

With Alistair and Wynne (Both politically inept and really ill qualified to yap about this) fawning about Cailan and peace and repeating what a nasty monster Loghain is.

And before I begin a novel here, let’s jump ahead and see if they make up for this (And more I haven’t discussed in this post) post recruitment?

  • Haha, no. Because there’s little story left here and who gives a fuck? It was just about an achievement, right?
  • He is, even though you get him so late, the only companion without a personal quest.
  • His Friendly Dialogue cannot be unlocked without Mods BECAUSE he has no personal quest.
  • Small tidbits of content (“Slander on Demand”, Saying Goodbye to his daughter in Redcliffe etc.) were cut or never coded in because……..???
  • The devs wanted/expected you to execute him so much that there’s no content of your companions reacting to this choice. Even if Alistair was killed. And Loghain being dead and Anora as solo queen? Hah, silly, Alistair STILL acts like he is king. The Devs were SO subtle there……
  • Some of his most beautiful dialogue is easily missed. Clever devs. Putting a heart to heart with Loghain right after Riordan spills the beans and Alistair has nothing to say, ergo 99.99% people missing this because why would it be different with Loghain, huh?
  • Rape cope mechanism joke by Morrigan….trolol, how funny, given he saw his mother gang raped and killed as a kid. Yeah, fuck this trash.

But to get back to the main question. Does that plotline bother me and, by extension, Rhia? Of course it does. However, seen in context and with all the above in mind, I have no qualms throwing it out as the thoughtless, illogical and ridiculous shock value trash that it is. The devs’ agenda isn’t mine and it NEVER will be. The whole “Alistair cares more about the elves!” argument also is nonsense to me. Because based on his behavior, he really doesn’t.

And you know what REALLY made me think tossing this shit out was necessary? None of the companions talk about it, even if you are a Tabris. Zev will speak up against Caladrius’ deal but even he conveniently forgets about it afterwards. Eamon is GLEEFUL about new ammunition against the family he seeks to destroy. Tell the Landsmeet it’s ELVES that are sold vs. citizens and they obviously don’t care (And I don’t think it yields a single point in the debate but my toolset is broken). The devs/writers didn’t put that in to give a voice to elven suffering. They put that in because they don’t get that antagonists in shades of grey are far preferable to ranting and raving villains committing atrocities with no rhyme or reason.

Because in the Rhia ‘verse, Howe purging the Alienage still makes Loghain culpable as Regent because Howe was his ally and adviser.

Also, I have to end this with a question as well:

Do people and their Wardens change their opinions on Golden Boy Cailan when they realize that the Alienage was purged, elven women were abducted, raped and killed etc. under charming King Cailan’s rule several times? (It’s sometimes used to criticize Anora who ruled from the shadows but…) I am just wondering about this because Cailan gets away with impunity no matter what he does. (Betraying his wife and his country, cheating, getting thousands killed for GLORY, not doing his job AT ALL but being excused 24/7 while his wife who has to shoulder everything, gets no credit but all of the blame?)

I guess this wasn’t just about what you asked me. But hey, I’m known for ranting about this a lot.

They didn’t sign up for a honeymoon in the Blackmarsh.

With corpses and nasty demons.

They’re not amused.

Gonna liveblog some DAA

Good morning, loves!

Anybody miss me? <3


Rewatching the scene in Witch Hunt when Regina sees Henry for the first time. Just realized a few things. 

It has been a full year since she last saw him - but to her, its only been one night. And the last thing she remembers is saying goodbye to him, believing that she will never see him again. She’s been given no warning of his presence. 

Her son has grown, his voice has gotten deeper, he looks more like a young man instead of  the much shorter kid she remembers. This is her first look at him, and she looks like she was punched in the gut - she missed all of those changes. 

And then, the moment she realizes that Henry doesn’t recognize her - “He looked right through me.” - she pulls back. The only thing she wants to do is to give her son a hug, to make sure he is actually there. But she doesn’t - because it would make Henry uncomfortable. Total stranger trying to touch him and constantly be around him? That would creep anyone out.

She manages to pull herself away, even though it looks like it causes her physical pain. And she never ever oversteps her boundaries. The fact that her son has no memory of her is killing her slowly, but she does everything in her power to keep up the illusion, just so Henry never feels uncomfortable around her. 

Regina is a great mother, and I will fight anyone who disagrees. 

And that, my darlings…….

…..is how we know that SCHLEETS are REAL.



i have mixed feelings about this




CONFESSION: As much as I love Varric and it be great to romance him…his love is to  Bianca (Which however needs to be a plotline somewhere in Inquisition) and it doesn’t seem right for him to be with anyone else.

What is with the fandom and the writers supporting the whole “HE LOVED ONCE AND CAN NEVER LOVE AGAIN” mindset?
That’s so fucking unhealthy.


'wake me up when october ends' just doens't have the same ring to it

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You know what bothers me? How emotionally manipulative Marethari is to Merrill (not that this is news to those that know me from the BSN).

Ever since my first playthrough I haven’t been able to stop thinking about this

Marethari uses all means, physical and emotional, to sabotage Merrill and her attitude is never from equal-to-equal but from an emotional and social authority to an unruly child or whatever

I know she was very probably under the influence of the Demon and stuff but

"she did it out of love" doesn’t cut it, it is creepy as hell

Exactly. I’ve often said that Marethari takes the phrase Mother Knows Best and distorts it to Only I, the Keeper and Mother-Figure, Know Best. It’s horribly distorted, to say nothing of how I don’t adhere to the notion that being older automatically makes one right on things.

If that was the case, I doubt the world would have made any progress on a social level.

I’ve gone over a lot of things about Merrill in my time on the BSN, from her internal consistency in the games (see my Dragon Age tab) to a bunch of other stuff. Suffice to say, I’m going to repost two recent posts from a recent BSN thread.

ME: Note that if you pick the right options in DAII she tells you that she initially went to Marethari for aid on the Eluvian.

Marethari refused because of the Taint and they argued about it, prompting Merrill to go for blood magic (the only viable route since Marethari won’t team up with her to pool their healing magic and she has no lyrium) to cleanse the shard. When it works, she tells Marethari of this and how they can now work on it safely, to which Marethari asks her how she came to do so. She tells her, they argue some more, and this ultimately leads to her choosing self-exile.

Merrill’s always gone by the rules. She’s always followed protocol which is to go to the Keeper first about any new information about Dalish lore (I think that was stated in the DE origin). But she firmly believes the Eluvian is too important to ignore and that you can’t just toss out history because you don’t like it. So she tried to find a balance between the two.

It’s not open rebellion against the Keeper. It’s more trying to find a middle ground that Marethari staunchly refused to go near for stupid reasons and Merrill decided she wasn’t going to get anywhere.

I’ve gone over this before a year ago on my blog… and I probably should start Part 2 on my Dire Bunnies thing sometime.

But alas, I have so much to do and not enough time to do it.

One should note that Merrill’s healing magic, which is the same as Marethari’s, was able to combat the Taint in a living person for 3 days. This hints at a possible connection between the Elves and the Taint, but moreover it showcases that Merrill’s blood magic was used to amplify the healing magic she already knew (hence why lyrium also would have worked and why she went to Marethari first. Two mages are better then one).

Marethari said in DAO that she’s never even heard of the Eluvians before, so no… she didn’t have any knowledge about them. To say nothing of how for years, both in DAO and DAII, she adamantly refused to do even a scrap of research on them.

Marethari grasps at straws to justify her fear of the Eluvian. First it was “They’re evil! They tainted two of our clan!” but that was only the Taint in the artifact, not the artifact itself. Merrill removes this and then Marethari goes “It led you to blood magic! Will you let it twist you further from who you are?” (prompting philosophical Merrill to come out briefly, which I wish was done more).

It didn’t “lead” Merrill to do anything.

Next, after she’s possessed, she expects us to take her word on the Eluvians being a portal for Demons… and this is assuming she was even there at all as you can plainly see the Demon is skilled enough to replicate her voice and mannerisms. Being a Pride Demon, it’d be natural for it to try and say such things when we first see it as a means to get under Merrill’s skin.

Yet she’s (Marethari) done no research in the past! How can we believe her if it is her? Surely the Demon must’ve told her this. But if we cannot trust Merrill’s judgement because she’s had only 2 encounters with Audacity (and one of them was just by proxy of being there, but they never interacted) as many people like to say (not me personally) why can we trust Marethari’s when she’s been sitting at the base of a mountain and open to Audacity’s subtle (albeit weakened given the nature of being exiled from the Fade, trapped in a demonic Buddha statue, and so on) manipulations? The short story makes it evident that Audacity’s power (what’s left of it) can only affect those in a certain proximity to him. And the farther one goes, then the safer they are.

At the base of the mountain, Merrill and Marethari were constantly hearing a faint whispering as they slept. As they moved closer, the whispering became louder and louder. Merrill self-exiles herself and moves to Kirkwall, which is miles and miles away from Sundermount.And as she tells you, she has had no contact with the Demon since she left. Gaider himself stated that Merrill’s work on the Eluvian was based on what scraps of lore she could find and extrapolations therein.

Treating it as some sort of sentient object capable of thought and action is silly, much less when The Masked Empire already shows there’s nothing at all dangerous about them.

Besides, the nature of Demons supports the argument that Marethari was the intended target all along. Demons like people with power, whether figurative or literal. Marethari was a Keeper, a Dalish Mage of great power. She was also respected and influential in the gathering of the clans which occurs every 10 years (and is bound to happen again soon as DAII tells us). She was also prideful, unable to accept any other opinion other then her own. She can’t admit when she’s wrong (which Merrill can do and does).

Marethari was the person the Demon directly spoke with… and Marethari seemed to be the one most affected by the Demon’s whisperings. Whereas Merrill had only a deep sense of loneliness upon waking, Marethari was sobbing.

I have an immense hatred for the old hag because of everything she does, to say nothing of the emotional manipulation she tries to do by slandering Merrill and trying to guilt her into returning to the clan shortly afterwards.

EDIT: Technically, Merrill has 3 total interactions with the demon, but the third is when we’re with her.

(Tumblr’s way of working might reduce what I say to this last paragraph, but there’s more). There are a lot of problems with how Merrill’s treated. From Marethari, from RivalHawke (who knows jack shit about Elven history so he shouldn’t be the authority on the Arulin’holm. BTW, Marethari reneged on her part of the deal. Deal was to give it to Merrill, if the Varterral was slain. Not Hawke), and sadly — though to be expected — from the fanbase itself.

"Merrill’s an idiot!"

No, not really. She’s actually quite profound and philosophical along with silly.