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Your time is precious. Spend it wisely and with those who care for you.


She says this while holding Shepard’s hand and looking so heartbreakingly sad.

I can’t deal with her at all. ;u;


.Javik: My people would never have let such monsters walk among them.

Liara: They didn’t care for the competition?



That left even Javik speechless.

Never encountered this before tbh. Didn’t know she had it in her BEFORE Thessia.

NVM that I was still smarting over her going on about how “beautiful” this monastery used to be and reading about Justicar Phora likely torturing/abusing the new “inmates” she brought to the monastery.

Look at bit further and the Asari government is as corrupt and rotten as any other.

I didn’t need Thessia to know that for certain.

Another easily missed ME3 quest that….

……..reduces me to tears.

Asari Widow.

That short message.

The reaction once you deliver the recording.

This is why I adore ME3.

This is what it got right.

The small details drawing you in like in no other game, BioWare or other.


mac tirin’ up my heart

I could look at her forever.

She’s interested….




I have been laughing for like 10 minutes

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Ruffian, the filly that caught the heart of a whole nation.

Happy Birthday, Queen (April 17, 1972 - July 7, 1975)

As God as my witness, she may even be better than Secretariat”

”-She was a perfect 10 to 10

-11…she was ahead when se broke down”

Known also as: “Queen of the Fillies”, “Queen of the Century”, “Queen of Racing”, “Queen of the Track”, “Filly of the Century”, “The Super Filly”