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Forgive me, I beg you, if you can. I’ve brought you nothing but strife……

His voice cracked at the softness of her callused hand framing his cheek, a hand that could soothe as deeply as it could kill swiftly if needed. Exhaling a breath he had been unaware of holding, Loghain stood still, overcome by the love in her violet eyes.

I have known you all my life. I loved you for the better part of it. When you are near, the burden I must carry is lifted.

Rhiannon kissed him then, deeply and with every ounce of passion she carried in her heart. Decades after the Rebellion’s triumphant end, Ferelden’s protector had found freedom in the rush that true love brings and, for a night, he knew peace.

When I became We.

When the world stilled for a breathless moment to offer sanctuary.

When he held her all night as she cried a year’s worth of tears.

When the nightmares became too much to bear alone.

When she knew that she was given another chance.

When love overcame a hostile environment.

When a journey ended in each other’s arms.

When I became We.


"You did it, you saved Ferelden."

"Not I. We.

Rhia/Loghain spam incoming. Save yourselves!

Who dug up the stuff?

My old Loghain posts are getting notes again.

*Braces herself for the next wave*

I haven’t written novel length posts on him in a while.

I suppose defending Severus Snape AND Loghain Mac Tir at the same time is too daunting, even for me.


King Maric and Loghain somehow getting roped into taking care of a litter of newborn puppies who’s mom rejected them.

And they have to bottle fed them every couple hours.

And Loghain tries to act all grumpy, but he can’t because puppies. Cute puppies who follow him around thinking he’s their mama.

I dunno what I like more about the Loghain tag tonight

Someone tagging that hideous, vile T-Shirt BioWare apparently DID have made of Alistair holding Loghain’s severed head…….’cause the “Canon” Landsmeet didn’t make me despise his behavior there enough already….

Or people justifying why they’re going to kill him this time around because Alistair & vengeance & it’s so sad.

Lemme state something point blank:

Canon!Alistair doesn’t give a damn about dousing Anora in her father’s blood to get revenge over losing his father figure. He doesn’t show a moment of hesitation or sympathy, even when the Warden falters and says “I cannot do this!” he insists on doing it in your stead.

I WAS half expecting him to DO THAT (What’s depicted on the shirt) in game and lotsa fans actually cried that he/their Warden should have been able to do that in addition to all the horrific things they want to do to a woman they just betrayed, traumatized and made an orphan.

I don’t give a fuck about justifications for this that involve Alistair at this point. I’m dangerously close to being sick of Canon!Alistair altogether.

The Loghain tags are a barren wasteland with so little content. But I can always count on this shit to pop up there.

To every Regina hater who has called me a “bad apple”



I would be worried if I were liked by people who make shit up about actors, talk about crazy head canons as if they were fact and constantly talk about a mother taking her son as a lover as if it were a thing, even though it clearly isn’t. Where in the hell do you even get these fucked up ideas any way?


An Evil Regal: aka: Bad Motherfucking Apple